How It Works

How it Works 

There are 2 ways you can use to find love, which makes it unlike other dating websites. You either begin with experiencing a missed connection or search for a storybook beginning with Peeksi's online dating model online that's centered on connection, romance, and love.

Other dating websites aren't built on chemistry. harnesses the power of offline chemistry from missed connections and creates a website filled with those intrigued by finding a lasting love and who believe in love at first sight. 

Here are the steps for using Peeksi to connect:

Missed Connection  

  1. You have a missed connection, so you go to Peeksi. You can have any number of different types of missed connections that leads you to Peeksi, such as: a random moment when looks and smiles you shared with someone made your heart race; the stunner you cannot seem to forget, but aren't sure if that person saw you; someone you kind of know (a friend of a friend, coworker, etc.); and a lost love that you wish you could rekindle. 
  2. Create a profile. Be authentic. Peeksi is all about being upfront with who you are, so post a clear photo. Let's put it this way: the general missed connection ads, apps and sites out there do not work. Why? It's simple -- you cannot be sure if the person who wrote the post is writing to you, because you can't see who posted it. Recently, a person described missed connections ads as, "...(nothing more than) a maze of anonymous posts." Peeksi has done away with anonymity and is ready to connect you with someone you want to be connected to, so post a great profile pic and add photos to your gallery. And don't forget to fill out your profile completely. Endless questionnaires haven't been proven to be effective in pairing you with someone who's a perfect fit so fill out your profile and let them know the real you. wants you to find love, not keep you as a lonely, hopeless single so you pay hundreds of dollars in fees to find love. So...FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE COMPLETELY; it really does help. 
  3. Create a missed connection post. Use the crazy awesome geolocation option to pinpoint exactly where you were when you had your missed connection. Don't forget to add the time, day and year. Then, follow the prompts. If you want someone to connect with you, put all the romantic details in the missed connection description. Remember, your missed connection is attached to your profile and your thumbnail appears at the bottom of the post, so don't write anything that tells the online world you are less than genuine or polite -- keep it rated PG out of respect for yourself and others. 
  4. Wait and have patience. You will be alerted on your profile of any responses to your post, which could be smiles on your home page or messages in your inbox. You can continue to put up post your ad or rework it as much as you'd like. There is no limit currently set. Soon, Peeksi will have a way for you advertise to the world that you are a member of Peeksi (e.g. rockin' car stickers, cool t-shirts, patches), so when you have a missed connection he/she will be more likely to search for you on Peeksi. If that's a big plus for you, send us an email and let us know what you'd like to sport. In the meantime, you might want to consider putting your membership on your social media profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Totally optional, but if you let them know you love Peeksi's missed connections, you'll be more likely to find a post put up for you! 
  5. Search for a missed connection written to you. While you may be putting up a post for someone special, a post may have been created for you, so browse the missed connections in your area and use the search form to narrow down results. 

Peeksi's Online Dating Model with Search and Cityview

While you are waiting for your missed connection, you might want to try connecting with others that share your belief, faith and interest in the existence of missed connections. These are single people looking for magic, sparks and fireworks, so reach out! Conduct a search in your area or look at your Cityview to see who is out there, honest about the kind of person you'd like to meet and don't only search for someone who owns a yacht, works as a fashion model or spends time at a different tropical resort every month.

Be real, because only the real you will find real love. 

Questions? Click on the Contact Peeksi button at the bottom of this page and we will gladly help you!

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