What's Peeksi and what are missed connections?

Did you see someone who shared "that look" with you? You know that look when your eyes connect, your heart races, you smile uncontrollably, and the fireworks explode. That's a missed connection!

According to a Peeksi survey conducted in 2014, 74% of people admit to experiencing a missed connection. Is your missed connection looking for you? Take a "peeksi" inside! heart

Peeksi.com lets you bring the outside in with missed connections, personals, and real-time geolocation pinpointing with a twist on traditional online dating profiles. A truly new, killer combo never before tried in the dating world! It's time to put the magic back into finding love. Read more about Peeksi by clicking on "How it Works," "Tips," and "FAQ's." Peeksi.com is ready to help you connect and find a love that lasts! 

And, remember, Peeksi is new and any brand new dating site shouldn't be filled with profiles. Why? Because that means the profiles are fake or bought. Be patient, tell your single friends about it, share the Peeksi dating revolution, and this community will grow!


Peeksi.com = Missed Connections + Online Dating

Bringing the outside in to find love, so look up from that device and see who's peeking at you!